Windows 10 update means copy-and-paste will never be the same again – TechRadar

Windows 10 update means copy-and-paste will never be the same again – TechRadar

Microsoft may be planning to releaseWindows 10Xin the spring of 2021 but some of the new operating system’s features could be coming to Windows 10 sooner than that including a new panel that completely changes how copying and pasting works.

As reported byWindows Latest, in Windows 10 Build 20185 the software giant has added a new panel that allows users to insert emojis, GIFs and even content from their clipboards. The new panel also includes several new features to make it easier for users to add content to their messages, documents and emails.

In addition to being able to access your most recently used emoji and GIFs as well as search for new ones, the panel includes a feature called “Clipboard history” that displays a list of items that users have recently copied to the clipboard.

While there are alreadyclipboard replacementsavailable for Windows, the new panel will offer similar functionality natively and can even be synced across devices.

Windows 10 clipboard update

The clipboard in Windows 10 already allows users to access theirclipboard historyat any time by pressing the Windows key and V. Clipboard items can also be shared across Windows 10 devices by going to system settings and choosing “Automatically sync text that I copy” in the clipboard menu under the “Sync across devices” tab. However, clipboard history currently stores a maximum of 25 entries and the oldest items are deleted as new ones appear.

The new clipboard history coming to Windows 10 soon not only supports text but also images and HTML content. Users can also delete the history of the clipboard or turn off the feature entirely from the settings menu.

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