When will we wake up? Kapil Sibal voices angst over Congress crisis

When will we wake up? Kapil Sibal voices angst over Congress crisis

NEW DELHI: As the Rajasthan Congress drama stoked the barely-forgotten memories of government collapse in

Madhya Pradesh

and Karnataka, worry lines deepened in party ranks over concerns that the organisation was in the grip of a serious crisis that has not really abated since the

Lok Sabah

rout while the leadership remained indifferent and in a state of denial.

The sentiment was articulated by lawyer-MP

Kapil Sibal

who tweeted, “Worried for our party. Will we wake up only after the horses have bolted from our stables?” Another lawyer-MP Vivek Tankha supported the remark. The comments come even as party loyalists have mounted their latest bid to convince

Rahul Gandhi

to “return” as party chief. Others in the party feel these distractions have seen a steady stream of exits from Congress which do not seem to be halting.

The public display of concern reflects how the Congress camp is wracked by heated discussions as leaders argue that the events are rooted in the leadership vacuum arising from Rahul’s resignation as party chief. “Nobody has any clarity on what is to be done. There is no authority,” an MP from a strong Congress turf said. Though he has stepped down, Rahul has not stepped aside. He continues to lead a strongly personalised attack on

PM Narendra Modi

— which some feel has not worked — while organisational work has not received the attention it clearly demands.

Pilot is weighing options. If there is no reconciliation, he may join the BJP or float a regional party. Congress insiders said he was “determined to topple the government”. If it happens, Congress will lose another young turk after Jyotiraditya Scindia, both incidentally close to Rahul.


promptly took to Twitter to say Pilot was being persecuted in Congress which ha

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