US lottery jackpot shared after 1992 handshake

US lottery jackpot shared after 1992 handshake

Tom, centre, and Joe, right, pictured with their wives

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Wisconsin Lottery

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Tom, centre, and Joe (right) are pictured with their wives after scooping the Powerball jackpot

Long-time friends Joe Feeney and Tom Cook made a pact in 1992 – sealed with a handshake – that if one of them won the US Powerball lottery they would share it.

Nearly 30 years later the numbers came up for Tom – and he honoured the deal.

Joe said he was stunned when his friend called to say they were sharing the $22m (£17m) jackpot.

“He called me and I said, ‘are you jerking my bobber?'” said the keen fisherman.

The two men live in the Menomonie area of the US state of Wisconsin.

“Congratulations to Tom, Joe, and their

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