Total lockdown in Bihar from 16-31 July: What’s allowed, what’s not

Total lockdown in Bihar from 16-31 July: What’s allowed, what’s not






>Total lockdown in Bihar from 16-31 July: What’s allowed, what’s not

New Delhi:Complete lockdown will be enforced in Bihar from 16 July to 31 July to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the state. The state government on Tuesday issued guidelines regarding the 16-day lockdown.

Biharreported record 1,432 new Covid-19 cases taking the total to 18,853 on Tuesday, including 143 deaths.

According to the State Health Department, 12,364 patients have recovered from the viral infection.

Deputy Chief Minister Sushil Kumar Modi in a tweet blamed the recent spike on “laxity in taking precautions at public places” and urged people to demonstrate a “collective will” to break the infection chain during the coming phase of lockdown.

The state government order, which cited a Ministry of Home Affairs communication of June 29 for containment of the pandemic, also said the decision was taken in view of the “alarming surge in COVID 19 cases…in last three weeks”.

Here’s what will be allowed during the lockdown:

-Essential services, farming, construction-related activities will be allowed during thelockdown.

-Security forces, public utilities, disaster management, power generation and post offices allowed to function with minimum number of employees and while following social distancing norms.

-Shops and services related to food, grocery and agriculture inputs along with banks, IT and related services, print and electronic media, internet, telecommunication, e commerce, petrol pumps, power generation etc are allowed to function

-Restaurants allowed to function but only for home delivery purposes.

-All medical and essential services will not face any restrictions during the lockdown.

Here’s what will be off limits during the lockdown:

-Places of worship, commercial, private and govt establishments will be closed during the 15-day lockdown.

-Offices of the government of India its autonomous/subordinate offices and public corporation shall remain closed.

-All educational, training, research and coaching institutions etc shall remain closed.

-No religious congregation will be permitted without exception.

-All social, political, academic, entertainment, sports, cultural and religious gatherings and functions will be prohibited. Stadiums will be allowed to open without spectators.

The guidelines said that, while the offices of the central government and its subordinate/autonomous offices will remain closed, services like “defence, central armed police forces, treasury, public utilities (including petroleum, CNG, LPG, PNG), disaster management, power generation and transmission units, post offices, National Informatics Centre, early warning agencies,” have been exempted and will continue their services.

Police, home guards, civil defence, fire and emergency services, disaster management and those related to election work and prisons have also been exempted.

Transport services “will remain suspended” during the lockdown though ferrying of taxis and auto-rickshaws will be allowed. Industrial establishments will be allowed to function and construction activities will be permitted with strict adherence to social distancing norms and wearing of masks.

Agricultural activities, along with shops relating to the same, will also be allowed to function.

Air and rail traffic will remain functional and transportation of goods, including loading and unloading at warehouses, “will be allowed without any hindrance”.

Those plying their vehicles for commuting to and from their places of work will be required to carry their I-cards.

The order passed by a special secretary to the state government “supersedes all orders issued by district magistrates concerned in their respective area of jurisdiction” and the DMs “cannot dilute restrictions but, based on their assessment of the situation, may prohibit certain activities in areas outside containment zones”.

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