Sushant Singh Rajput’s brother-in-law says he wasn’t in touch with actor after Rhea Chakraborty came…


ActorSushant Singh Rajput’sbrother-in-law Vishal Singh Kirti has written ablogabout his relationship with the late actor, while telling people not to ask him about clarifications regarding the death case. Sushant died by suicide on June 14 and the Central Bureau of Investigation is now probing the case.

I don’t know a lot of details myself and I am hoping that the CBI Enquiry will fully enlighten us eventually.

— vishal kirti (@vikirti)August 23, 2020

“I have noticed that a lot of people are asking me for clarifications and details about Sushant’s death case. I have been asked questions on post-mortem and other specific questions. I want to tell you that I don’t know a lot of details myself just like you guys and I am not asking those questions to family in India on purpose. Everyone is stressed and I don’t want to add more to it,” wrote Sushant’s US-based relative.

He also wrote that he is writing about his relationship and chemistry with Sushant as well as ‘some second-hand information I might have gotten from the FIR, public domain, and conversations with the family members’. “I was not in touch with Sushant on a one-on-one basis after Rhea came into his life in 2019. I was in regular touch with him for 12 years before that though, since my wedding. Chronologically, we were friends from 1997-2007 and family members 2007 onward and it

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