Rahul Gandhi releases video attacking Modi govt, says China’s actions prompted by India’s disruption…

Rahul Gandhi releases video attacking Modi govt, says China’s actions prompted by India’s disruption…

New Delhi: Former Congress president Rahul Gandhi stepped up his attack on the government over Chinese transgressions in Ladakh, claiming that “troubled economy, foreign policy and neighbourhood” prompted Beijing to take an aggressive stand against India.

On Friday, Gandhi released a video on the India-China border stand-off in Ladakh as part of his move to share his thoughts on national issues through a series of short and incisive videos.

“The question is why have Chinese chosen this particular time to move? Why have Chinese chosen to violate the LAC (Line of Actual Control) with India at this point in time? What is it about India situation that has led China to act in such an aggressive way? What is it about this moment in time that has allowed the Chinese to have the confidence they can move against a country like India?” he asked a flurry of questions to the Narendra Modi-led Central government.

“To understand that you have to go into multiple spaces. Countries are protected not by one particular thing but by a confluence of forces, by a confluence of systems. A country is protected by its foreign relationships, it is protected by its neighbourhood, it is protected by its economy, it is protected by the feeling that its people have, the vision that its people have,” he added.

Gandhi has been critical of the government on its handling of the border stand-off with China and has repeatedly asked it to come clean on the alleged intrusion by Chinese forces in Ladakh and also on the disengagement process.

“And what has happened over the last six years is that in all those areas India has been disturbed and disrupted. And I’ll cover each one of them,” he said.

Gandhi attacked the government over its foreign policy and the “soured” relationship with neighbouring countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bhutan, claiming the ties have become transactional.

“Let’s start with foreign policy. Our relationship with the outside world used to be with multiple countries. We had a relationship with America, strategic partnership with America I would say. That is very important. We had a relationship with Russia. We had a relationship with Europe. And these countries used to help us manoeuvre in the world,” he said.

“Today, our relationship has become transactional. We have a transactional relationship with the United States. We have disturbed our relationship with the Russians. We have a transactional relationship with Europe,” added Gandhi.

Talking about the neighbourhood, he said earlier Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka were India’s friends and except Pakistan, the entire neighbourhood was working and partnered with New Delhi.

“Today, Nepal is angry wit

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