Pulse oximeters, plasma bank to ramped-up testing: How Delhi fights back Covid-19

Pulse oximeters, plasma bank to ramped-up testing: How Delhi fights back Covid-19

Delhi might be one of the worst coronavirus-hit regions in the country but the number of Covid-19 patients recovering in the national capital far exceed the rate of fresh infections or ‘active cases’. Delhi has faired well this month as compared to June concerning the coronavirus situation.

By July 15, Delhi was expected to witness 2.25 lakhcoronavirus casesbut only 1.15 lakh cases have been reported till date. It was estimated that 34 thousand beds would be needed across hospitals but around 10 thousand beds are currently unoccupied across various hospitals in Delhi. Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal said this is the result of collective efforts by all, adding that while the infection seems to be under control, the administration’s preparedness is necessary.

A host of factors have contributed to Delhi’s strong hold on the spread of coronavirus. Here’s taking a look at some of them as reported byLive Hindustan.

Ramped up testing

Coronavirus cases were rapidly increasing in Delhi in the first week of June. At that time, around 5,500 tests were being done daily in the national capital which has now been increased to more than 21 thousand.

Increased number of beds

In the first week of June, there were only 700 corona beds in eight private hospitals. Today, Delhi has 15,000 beds, out of which more than 10 thousand beds are unoccupied. The administration also launched a mobile application through which patients can easily monitor the availability of beds at various hospitals.

Pulse oximeters – the protective shied

Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal on Sunday said that the national capital has been able to “minimise deaths” of Covid-19 patients in home isolation with the help of pulse oximeters. The chief minister described it as a protective shield or “suraksha kavach”. “If patients detect their oxygen is falling, they reach out to us for help. We immediately send oxygen concentrators to their home or take them to a hospital,” Kejriwal had tweeted.


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