PM Modi praises UP for containing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic

PM Modi praises UP for containing the spread of Covid-19 pandemic

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday said despite a population of nearly 24 crore, Uttar Pradesh managed to check the spread of coronavirus and overcame apprehensions on how the pandemic would impact the state.

Interacting with representatives of various Varanasi-based non-government organisations via video link, he said Kashi has vigorously countered the unprecedented coronavirus crisis.

Varanasi, which is also known as Kashi, is the prime minister’s parliamentary constituency.

He recalled that a 100 years ago, a pandemic had struck. Though the population of India was much smaller, it was among the countries that had witnessed maximum deaths, he pointed out.

This time too, during the outbreak of coronavirus, experts had raised concerns about India, he said adding that issues such as rise in virus cases due to movement of migrants and food for the needy were flagged.

There were doubts and apprehensions about Uttar Pradesh too, with a population of 23-24 crore.

With the hard work of the people and their cooperation, the apprehensions were overcome, he said.

Modi noted that Brazil too has a population comparable to Uttar Pradesh but it witnessed thousands of deaths due to the virus. In Uttar Pradesh the deaths due to COVID-19 are reported to be nearly 800, he pointed out.

He said the state checked the pace of COVID-19 spread and also those infected with the virus are recovering fast.

The prime minister also hailed the role of people, authorities and NGOs of Varanasi in helping the needy during the COVID-19 pandemic, and urged citizens to strictly adhere to guide

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