Numbers behind Rajasthan story

Numbers behind Rajasthan story

Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot’s government enjoys a wafer-thin majority. Here is how all the numbers stack up:

200Total MLAs in the Rajasthan assembly

107Number of Congress legislators, including the Speaker

101The majority mark in the assembly. Also, the number of legislators who attended the Congress legislative party meeting at the Fairmont Hotel in Jaipur on Tuesday, although only 88 of these (including Gehlot) were from the Congress. There were 10 independent legislators, two from the Bharatiya Tribal Party (BTP), and one from the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

104Legislators whose support Gehlot claimed in a meeting with the governor later in the day, according to the party.

2BTP legislators who attended the Fairmont meeting but left for their homes, saying they would take a call on support at an “appropriate” time.

4Legislators who left the Sachin Pilot camp on Sunday, and signalled their support for Gehlot.

19Congress MLAs (including Pilot) supporting Sachin Pilot.


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