‘Not on speaking terms with Sachin Pilot for last 18 months’: Ashok Gehlot

‘Not on speaking terms with Sachin Pilot for last 18 months’: Ashok Gehlot

In a big reveal, Rajasthan chief ministerAshok Gehlothas said he has not been on talking terms with his former deputy chief minister Sachin Pilot since the past 18 months and that Pilot was plotting to topple his government from the first day. However, the CM also added that if the rebel Congress leader, who insists he isnot joining the BJP, were to come back to the party, “he will welcome him with a hug”.

In an interview to a TV channel, Gehlot said, “There was no dialogue between us since the last one and a half years. A minister who doesn’t talk to the chief minister, doesn’t take his advice, keeps no dialogue with him… There can be opposition but dialogue is necessary in a democracy,” he said.

Claiming the support of over 100 MLAs, Gehlot said Pilot has been conspiring to dislodge the government from the day of its formation in December 2018. The CM said Pilot had only 12-15 MLAs with him.

“My government is sitting with over 100 MLAs but you want to topple that and form a government with support of the BJP. People will never forgive you,” Gehlot said.

The CM said the entire matter was very unfortunate and the internal quarrel should have been resolved internally. “If you do politics in connivance with your rivals then what is left in democracy,” he said.

On the notice issued by the Special Operations Group of the Rajasthan police over alleged attempts to bribe the MLAs before the Rajya Sabha elections to topple the state government, Gehlot said notices have been served, even one to him, but an environment is being created that poor Pilot has got a notice.

“Our party is the complainant and 10-12 notices have been served. We have not named him. We have said there was a conspiracy by the BJP to topple the government, why is he going around giving clarifications?” said Gehlot.

The CM said Pilot and his MLAs had planned to flee on June 10 but Gehlot learnt of their plan and thwarted it and had to keep all MLAs under lockdown in a resort.

“They were planning to leave at 2 am. I had to save the government. I woke up all the collectors at 1 am and I asked all party leaders to reach Jaipur the next day and almost all of them reached. Then these people realised the truth and started saying there was no conspiracy and there was no need for placing MLAs under lockdown. But I had proof then and I have proof now,” he said.

Gehlot said Pilot initially wanted to join the BJP but his MLAs were not willing so he thought of forming a third front, a new party to finish the Congress in Rajasthan.

Referring to Pilot and BJP MP Jyotiradity

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