‘Nikamma, nakara’: Ashok Gehlot attacks Sachin Pilot, calls him ‘worthless’ person

‘Nikamma, nakara’: Ashok Gehlot attacks Sachin Pilot, calls him ‘worthless’ person



chief minister

Ashok Gehlot

on Monday launched a full-fledged personal attack on his former deputy and rebel



Sachin Pilot

, describing him as a “worthless person” who did nothing as state unit chief.

Speaking to reporters, Gehlot described Pilot as a “nikamma, nakara” (worthless person), but said he never raised questions over it in the party’s interest.

Repeating his charge that Pilot plotted to topple the Congress government in Rajasthan, Gehlot said it was disappointing that a man who achieved so much in 12 years of his political career would “play such a game”.

Gehlot said he “used to talk about conspiracy to topple his government but nobody believed that he (Pilot), having an innocent face, good command over English and Hindi and influence over the media across the country, can do this”.

“Rajasthan is the only state where no demand was raised to change the


(Pradesh Congress Committee) president in seven years. We knew that nothing is happening here. We knew he is “nikamma” (worthless) and “nakara” (idle), still we did not question this in the interest of the party,” Gehlot told reporters.

#WATCH Sachin Pilot ne jis roop mein khel khela vo bahut durbhagyapurna hai. Kisiko yakeen nahi hota ki yeh vyakti… https://t.co/gBkUyaPMmg

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This is not the first time that Gehlot has targeted Pilot since the latter’s rebellion.

Earlier, Gehlot had said that being handsome and having good command over English does not mean everything in politics, in an obvious reference to Pilot.

The Gehlot-Pilot feud spilled into the open with the registration of an FIR by Rajasthan Police’s Special Operations Group (SOG) in connection with a conspiracy to topple the state government.

The SOG had issued notices to Gehlot, Pilot and the government’s chief whip Mahesh Joshi for recording their statements.

Subsequently, as Pilot staged a revolt, he was removed as deputy chief minister and PCC chief.

Congress has accused the BJP of trying to to

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