New Rafale Jets fly out of France, arrival in India on July 29: All you need to know

New Rafale Jets fly out of France, arrival in India on July 29: All you need to know

NEW DELHI: A new batch of five

Rafale jets

fly out of France on Monday to join the growing Indian fleet of aircraft and are scheduled to arrive in the country two days later. The aircraft will be refuelled by

French Air Force

tanker aircraft on their way to an airbase in the UAE before leaving for India.

All you need to know:* The three twin-seat and two single-seat Rafales will touch down at theAmbalaairbase, in Haryana, on July 29.

* The jets will be armed with

deadly weapons

, advanced avionics, radars,

electronic warfare

systems and self-protection suites to ensure superior survivability in hostile contested airspaces.

* The Rafales will be combat-deployable when they arrive at Ambala, capable of firing its over 300 km range Scalp air-to-ground cruise missiles and other weapons.

* European missile maker


‘s Meteor beyond visual range

air-to-air missile

will also be the mainstay of the weapons package of the Rafale jets. Meteor is the next generation of BVR air-to-air missile (BVRAAM) designed to revolutionise air-to-air combat. The integration of the 120-150 km range missiles will take some time.

* The Rafales will also be equipped with MICA weapon system which is integrated into IAF’s Mirage 2000 aircraft.

* The jets will have a combat range of 780-km to 1,650-km depending on the mission.

* They will have 13 ‘India-specific enhancements’ such as radar enhancements, Israeli helmet-mounted displays, low-band jammers, ‘cold start’ capability from high-altitude regions, 10-hour flight data recording, infrared search and tracking systems.

* These enhancements will become fully operational after ‘software certification’.

* French defence major Dassault Aviation, the company which manufactures Rafale, has since Octobe

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