Hyundai India July 2020 Sales Decline – Creta, Venue Remain Bestsellers – RushLane

Hyundai India July 2020 Sales Decline – Creta, Venue Remain Bestsellers – RushLane

Hyundai India sales for July 2020 in domestic market stood at 38,200 units while exports stood at 3,100 units

Following a complete standstill, and passed opening since May 2020 onward, sales tickers are in the green in June in a MoM comparison. For Hyundai Motor India, July ‘20 domestic sales volume is 98 percent of Jul ‘19 sales.

Cumulative sales is reported at 41,300 units – 38,200 units sold in the domestic market, and 3,100 units in export markets in July 2020. The numbers for July 2019 were reported at 39,010 units in domestic sales, 18,300 in exports, and cumulative sales of 57,310.

As exports depend on a range of factors, it’s safe to see that Covid-19 pandemic has affect the way the world works. And it’s difficult to gauge when such oppositions will bounce back. However as far as domestic sales is concerned,things are looking up. The noticeable and sharp decline in exports puts cumulative sales in decline.

Hyundai India July 2020 Sales
Hyundai India July 2020 Sales

While domestic sales decline is curbed at 2.07 percent at volume loss of 810 units. Exports fell by a massive 83.06 percent at 15,200 units volume loss. However in the current scenario of global business restrictions, these numbers are not representative or indicative. Overall, owing to export decline, cumulative sales decline is reported at 27.93 percent.

In regards to domestic sales, Hyundai India had reported YoY decline in July 2019 too at 10 percent, when volume declined from 43,481. While July 2020 is asituation like never before, traditionally PV sales during the month is partly influenced by monsoon. The start to this quarter isn’t one that that the automaker will have any complaints about keeping in mind the quarter before that was rocked by a quandary. The start to Q2 FY21 looks a lot more enthusiastic.

Creta, Venue Drive Domestic Sales

Hyundai India has in recent years realigned its m

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