How to lose weight in a sedentary lifestyle – Times of India

How to lose weight in a sedentary lifestyle – Times of India

The simple rule to lose weight is to ensure that the number of calories you take in is not more than the number of calories you burn! And to ensure it happens, you have to workout, whether you like it or not. That’s the only effective way to burn more calories. However, if you lead a sedentary lifestyle, the process of weight loss becomes even more challenging.

We know that being overweight can be a window to several kinds of health issues like cardiovascular problems, type 2 diabetes, so it is essential to maintain healthy body weight. To help you cope up with this issue, Dietitian and Clinical Nutritionist, Lavleen Kaur shares some tips to shed kilos in a sedentary lifestyle.

Tip 1: Portion control

Portion control plays a major role when it comes to shedding kilos. You have to eat a limited amount of calories in a day, to achieve your weight loss goals. When we overeat, all the extra calories are stored in our body as fat. Lavleen advises filling your plate with only 80 per cent of food. Furthermore, it is important to be mindful about the food you are consuming. Chew your food slowly and listen to your body.

Tip 2: Avoid processed food

Dr Lavleen adds that people attempting to shed kilos should avoid all kinds of processed foods like refined oil, white sugar and salt. These should be replaced with more nutrient-rich food items. Replace sunflower oil and canola oil, with mustard oil, desi ghee, virgin olive oil and coconut oil. Jaggery and honey can be excellent alternatives for white sugar. Use rock salt in place of refined salt and instead of all-purpose flour (Maida), consume whole-grain food like Pearl Millet, Sorghum, Barley.

Tip 3: Increase micronutrient intake

We pay a lot of attention to our carb and protein intake, but often overlook the number of micronutrients in our food. Consuming enough micronutrients is very important to stay healthy. Micronutrients are vitamins and minera

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