Himachal Pradesh Extends Lockdown Till June 30

Himachal Pradesh Extends Lockdown Till June 30

Himachal Pradesh Extends Lockdown Till June 30

Himachal Pradesh has implemented a programme for aggressive testing of influenza like diseases (File)


The Himachal Pradesh government has extended the lockdown to control coronavirus in the state for another five weeks. An order from the BJP government led by Jai Ram Thakur, said the lockdown will continue till June 30 in all 12 districts of the state.

The hill state has so far recorded 214 cases of coronavirus, of which 63 patients recovered and five died. The district of Hamirpur has over one-fourth of the total cases in Himachal Pradesh.

While Hamirpur has reported 63 cases so far, Solan has 21.

The lockdown extension in the state comes as the rest of the country eased lockdown restrictions and the Centre re-started air travel.

So far, only Maharashtra — which has the highest number of cases in the country — has spoken of extending the lockdown.

The deadline for the countrywide lockdown is May 31. The government has extended it thrice since Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the countrywide lockdown on March 25.

In April, the Chief Minister had supported the extension of the countrywide lockdown. He had made his views known during to the Pri

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