Entertainment SSR suicide: NCB establishes chain of narco supply to Rajput via Showik – Deccan Chronicle



Following Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) raids in Mumbai and Goa and arrests of drug peddlers while probing the Sushant Singh Rajput suicide, the breakthrough has helped identify chain of narcotics that reached Rajput. The NCB has arrested one Dwayne Fernandes, who is the associate of Showik Chakraborty and is stated to have supplied drugs to the latter, meant for Rajput. Officials said that Fernandes is a Mumbai based drug dealer and deals in curated marijuana and hash.

Other arrested peddlers have revealed the chain of supply of narcotics substances to the film stars and other celebrities. The investigation is now headed to identify these known personalities who were buying from these peddlers.

The NCB revealed that one of the arrested, Karamjeet Singh Anand, is a peddler with a local distribution channel of drugs in film industry. Another peddler Sanket Patel is in the distribution chain of Karamjeet and he would also deliver narcotic stuff to several celebrities.

Officials said that Sandeep Gupta, who is an auto rickshaw driver, operates as a bulk supplier of weed to retail dealers like Dwayne. Aftab Fateh Ansari is Gupta’s

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