Entertainment Himani Shivpuri on being diagnosed Covid 19 positive: We can’t take it lightly and become complacent – Hindustan Times



Actor Himani Shivpuri, currently battling Covid-19 in an isolation ward of a Mumbai hospital, feels people are taking the pandemic too lightly at this point. Giving her own example, she says she followed every precaution possible. “People have been mislead by these things, that recovery rate is high, mortality rate is low, and beginning to get careless. This pandemic is there, and rising at an alarming rate. One gets surprised how the hell did they get it. I am very careful, masked, use sanitiser all the time, sanitise all surfaces, even my make up room, and despite that, I still caught it. This means it’s a strong strain of virus. We have to be careful and not become complacent,” tells us the 59-year-old.

Shivpuri had been shooting for a television show and an advertisement recently too. She says that the producer of her show was kind enough to extend help, “She recommended me the doctor, who helped me get a room. They went out of the way, and asked if I need money, I told them I am fine right now, but if there’s anything I would definitely tell them.” 

Feeling better now, the actor adds that initially, the panic sets in. “You feel you can’t be the person who h

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