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In an interview to ABP News, Bollywood actor Sherlyn Chopra has revealed how she has seen celebrities, wives of cricketers and Bollywood actors snorting cocaine in the washroom during one of Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) IPL after-match parties that she attended in Kolkata.

Divulging the details of the incident which she was a witness to, the actor-model said that at the party she attended in Kolkata, where Bollywood superstar- Shahrukh Khan was also present, all these so-called celebrities were busy dancing and doing “dum maro dum“. There was a cocktail of drugs which was being served and while all the so-called “superstars” were doing drugs openly in the party, their wives were snorting cocaine inside to washroom.

Isn’t my hint enough that the ‘superstars’ and their wives were doing drugs in the Kolkata party: Sherlyn Chopra

Though Sherlyn was very careful not to take any names, she said that her hint was enough that the so-called ‘superstars’ and their wives were taking drugs in the party.

“I once went to Kolkata to watch a KKR match, after the game I was invited to an after-party, which was attended by all popular cricketers and their wives. I was enjoying a lot in the party, however, I got tired after dancing and went to the washroom and the scene I saw there was beyond shocking, all these star-wives were snorting white powder- cocaine in the ladies washroom area, they smiled at me and I smiled back. I thought I am at a wrong place and came outside, the party was going on in full swing and such drug parties go on one after other”, said Chopra, furthering that she was sure that the scene in the gent’s washroom must have been similar.

Sherlyn opined that the NCB is doing phenomenal work, at least now the world would see the real faces of these so-called superstars who are hailed as gods and goddesses.

Sherlyn Chopra in ABP News

Without naming anyone in particular Sherlyn said that she was ready to testify about the same in front of the Narcotics Control Bureau, which is currently probing the alleged drug abuse in Bollywood. She said that she is ready to share the names of all the “superstars” whom she saw in the Kolkata party with the department.

She confirmed that such scenes are very common in Bollywood parties as well. She says that the Narcotics department has just reached the tip of the iceberg. This is not just limited to the names which have emerged until now. This nexus is extremely big and NCB has not yet reached out to the bigger players of the game. She says

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