Delhi’s active Covid-19 cases among lowest in top affected cities

Delhi’s active Covid-19 cases among lowest in top affected cities

Six months into the coronavirus pandemic and India has seen its Covid-19 tally soar over 10 lakh and is the world’s third worst-affected country. While some of the top affected states in the country are showing signs of the virus slowing down, new hotspots are emerging from states like Karnataka, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh where Covid-19 infections are cases on the rise.

Some of the states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Kerala, which reported a spurt incoronavirus infectionsinitially, have now fallen further low on the tally with states like Telangana, Karnataka jumping higher. Karnataka recently overtook Gujarat as the fourth worst-hit state in the country.

Besides metropolis like Mumbai and the national capital,newer hotspots are emergingin the country in cities like Bengaluru and Hyderabad.

A massive chunk of India’s coronavirus load comes from the top affected cities – most in Maharashtra. At least half the 330,725 active cases in the country, as of Wednesday night, were reported from just 10 cities, with a third of all such cases coming from Maharashtra.

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A district- and state-wise analysis of active coronavirus infections by HT showed that urban centres, or city districts, are significantly more affected by the virus and account for a majority of the active cases; just the 10 cities account for more than 50 percent of all active cases in the country.

Among the top 10 cities based on active cases, Delhi has the lowest proportion of active cases – 15.2 percent.

Here’s a list of top affected cities in the country:


The national capital is among the worst hit in the country. Although the total Covid-19 cases here run in lakhs, over 1.1 lakh, the active cases in Delhi are fewer than many other badly-hit cities – over 17,000.


India’s financial capital and entertainment hub has been among the top Covid-19 hotspots ever since the virus first broke out in the country. It has reported nearly a lakh total cases while the active number of cases here

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