Days from due date, pregnant wife of the co-pilot who died in Calicut crash doesn’t know yet she has lost her husband

Days from due date, pregnant wife of the co-pilot who died in Calicut crash doesn’t know yet she has lost her husband

AGRA: Just days away from the

due date

of the delivery of her first child, the wife of

Akhilesh Sharma

, the co-pilot of the ill-fated

Air India

flight that crashed last night, still does not know about her husband’s demise.

Though various news channels have already given out the details of the dead in the crash, Akhilesh’s family members have somehow succeeded in convincing Megha that her husband was injured in the crash and is recovering in hospital.

Akhilesh’s family is still in shock and are in a dilemma on how to break this sad news to his wife, who is due to give birth on Sept 1. “We have lost our son but we don’t want to lose Megha and her child. We consciously decided to keep Megha in dark,” said Akhilesh’s maternal uncle

Kamal Sharma

, adding that she knows that he was injured in the plane crash but is on a ventilator in ICU.

No one is crying in the house and everyone has controlled their emotions just for the sake of their lives. “She is trying to know about Akhilesh’s condition but we are repeating to her that he is still under treatment and doctors are not telling anything,” he said.

Megha and Akhilesh had been married for just over a year and a half. So while people have started gathering outside their house and the phones keep buzzing, the family is holding up so far and trying not to let the grief show.

Akhilesh’s father

Tulasi Ram Sharma

had seen his son last on June 8 when he came to drop his wife, Megha to


for delivery. “His leave was recently approved and he was scheduled to come to Mathura on August 21 but unfortunately the news of his demise come before that,” said Akhilesh’s youngest brother Lokesh Sharma.

Akhilesh Sharma has two younger brothers,


28 and Lokesh 24 and also has an elder sister who is married. His father

Tulsi Ram Sharma

owns a business and the family lives in

Govind Nagar

locality in Mathura.

Lokesh said, “On Friday night, we got a call from Air India that Akhilesh was serious and hospitalised after the plane crash. A few hours later, we got another call informing us that he had died.”

After hearing this news, Akhilesh’s brother Bhuvnesh who works in Gurgaon left for Kozhikode with his brother-in-law

Sanjeev Sharma

. The family members told TOI that the mortal remains of Akhilesh will reach Mathura tomorrow morning and then the funeral will

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