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For many people with preexisting medical issues, staying at home isn’t an option amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Patients in the middle of chemotherapy or need a liver transplant, or heart patients can’t postpone their checkups indefinitely.

Their medical requirements will bring them straight to the hospital, where they are more likely to encounter an infected person. Understandably, people are worried about visiting hospitals, but hospitals and doctors are doing their best to alleviate these fears and are taking measures during the coronavirus pandemic to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Major hospitals have enforced enhanced protocols for the safety of patients and health personnel while facing the unprecedented challenge of COVID-19. Despite hospital measures, there are a few ways patients can safeguard themselves while visiting the hospital, read on to find out how.

Here are some precautions patients should take during hospitalization against COVID-19

■ Before booking an appointment for a procedure, it’s important to inform the doctor or hospital staff about your health and ensure you opt for a COVID-19 test.

■ It’s important for all patients to wear a mask before entering the hospital. Please ask the hospital to provide one in case you forget.

■ Contact the hospital before visiting and ask them about their safety procedures before making an appointment.

■ Ensure that the hospital has increased the cleaning frequency for all high traffic surface areas with certified coronavirus killing disinfectants and thorough cleansing is done after each patient is checked to ensure the safety of the next patient.

■ Check if all patient care equipment is thoroughly disinfected after use on each patient.

■ Importantly, make sure that patients suffering from COVID-19 are isolated in a separate part of the hospital so non-infected people have less chance of coming into contact with them.


■ If it is not a medical emergency, but there is a need to consult a doctor, there are numerous teleconsultation facilities like DocsApp, Practo and 1mg.

■ However, it would be better to book a teleconsultation appointment with a reputed multi-specialty hospital. Sri Ramakrishna Hospital, which has over 45 years of experience and a team of over 200 experienced doctors offers tele consultation from anywhere in India.

■ Consulting an experienced doctor from a renowned multi-specialty hospital is better and safer than consulting a random doctor through an online platform. Patients can visit the hospital’s website to book appointments if they are located in containment zones or

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