Capable of giving befitting response to any aggression, says President

Capable of giving befitting response to any aggression, says President

Exactly two months after the fierce clash between Indian and Chinese troops in Galwan valley, President Ram Nath Kovind sent out a clear warning on Friday that India is “capable of giving a befitting response to any attempt of aggression” as he addressed the nation on the eve of 74th Independence Day. Kovind slammed the neighbour’s “misadventure of expansion” when the world needs to come together to fight against Covid, “the greatest challenge before humanity.

The bloody conflict in the Galwan valley on June 15 left 20 Indian soldiers, including a colonel, and an unspecified number of Chinese soldiers dead. Since then, the two sides are locked in discussions to de-escalate the situation butChina has so far refusedto move back from some critical areas. As many as five rounds of top-level military talks between the two sides have failed to break the deadlock as serious differences appeared over the Finger Area near Pangong Lake and the PLA’s reluctance to vacate positions held by it in what New Delhi claims as Indian territory.

“The world now realises what our sages had said long ago: the global community is but one family; ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. However, even while the world community needs to fight together against the greatest challenge before humanity, some in our neighbourhood tried to carry out their misadventure of expansion,” Kovind said.

Paying respect to the Indian soldiers who lost their lives defending the borders, Kovind said: “Those worthy sons of Bharat Mata lived and died for national pride. The entire nation salutes the martyrs of Galwan Valley.”

He also added, “Their bravery in combat has demonstrated that while we believe in peace, we are also capable of giving a befitting response to any attempt of aggression,” expressing pride in Indian armed forces, paramilitary forces and police personnel “who protect the borders, and ensure our internal security.”

Kovind also added that India has been at the forefront in evolving regional and global strategies for an effective response to the Covid pandemic and its timely and “super-human efforts” contained the Covid and saved many lives back home. He also saw the construction of Ayodhya’s Ram Temple as a “moment of pride for all”.

As India gears up to an unprecedented subdued celebration of Independence Day, Kovind termed covid warriors as national heroes, said the pandemic has taught “tough lessons” of life and “demolished the illusion that human being is the master of nature.”

He appealed to the humanity to “correct its course and live in harmony with nature” and said the crisis offered opportunities for economic revival.

Even as the Modi government’s handling of the covid situation has come under immense criticism in the political circle, the President said that the Centre, “while anticipating the tremendous challenge, responded effectively and well in time” and added that it requires “super-human efforts for a country so vast and diverse with high population density” to meet these challenges. Kovind said India’s committed efforts that “succeeded in containing the magnitude of the pandemic and saving a large number of lives” is worth emulating by the wider world.

The pandemic, like climate change, has awakened the global community to our shared destiny, said Kovind as he saw more importance in ‘human-centric collaboration’ than ‘economy-centric inclusion’.

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