BJP offering MLAs Rs 10-15 crore to topple my govt, says Ashok Gehlot

BJP offering MLAs Rs 10-15 crore to topple my govt, says Ashok Gehlot

Rajasthan Chief minister Ashok Gehlot on Saturday said the opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has tried to buy legislators “like goats in a marketplace” but the Congress thwarted its brazen attempt to topple the government.

The special operation group (SOG) of the Rajasthan police has already booked two men with alleged links to the BJP for trying to topple the state government by offering bribes to Congress legislators.The FIR lodged on Fridayand based on mobile conservation between the arrested men said the attempt to topple the government was being made since before the Rajya Sabha polls held on June 19.

“BJP leaders tried to topple the Rajasthan government at a time when the entire administration was busy in tackling the coronavirus outbreak. When all of us should have been focused in fighting the virus, the ministers, legislators and leaders had to divert attention to saving the government,” Gehlot said, while addressing a virtual press conference on Saturday.

Gehlot said Rajasthan did not have a tradition of horse trading but the BJP leaders have become brazen and were promising Rs 10-15 crore to MLAs to switch allegiances and destabilise his government.

“The BJP leaders have crossed limits of shamelessness. The BJP is trying to do politics by trying to buy MLAs like goats from a market,” he said.

The CM said the BJP was successful in “buying” seven Congress MLAs in Gujarat and winning two Rajya Sabha seats.

“But we thwarted their similar game plan in Rajasthan and won two seats and taught them a lesson. But, they are shameless and are still trying their machinations,” he said, claiming there was no threat to his government, which will complete its full term.

Gehlot also attacked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Union home minister Amit Shah.

“Mod ii and Amit Shah ji cannot tolerate me or my government. The conspiracy is being carried out by BJP leaders in the state who are trying to buy legislators,” he said.

Gehlot claimed that the BJP was different whe

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