Bengaluru violence: 60,000-strong mob had gathered, pelted stones at police, says eyewitness

Bengaluru violence: 60,000-strong mob had gathered, pelted stones at police, says eyewitness

An eyewitness said on Wednesday there was a strong mob of 50,000 to 60,000, which pelted stones at police personnel and damaged property at a police station during the violence on Tuesday night in Bengaluru.

At leastthree people have diedand scores of police personnel have been injured after the violence in Pulakeshi Nagar of the state capital of Karnataka on Tuesday night. The violence broke out over a social media message, which was allegedly posted by a relative of a Congress legislator. Police vehicles were also damaged and set on fire.

Sharif, who was an eyewitness to the violence at the police station in DJ Halli, said he had come to record his statement. “We are from civil defence and have come to protect the police. It was not the police’s fault, it was the public’s fault,” he told reporters.

“This (police station) is like my temple, my masjid. We have to support the police,” he added.

Bengaluru Police have arrested 149 people for arson, stone-pelting and assault on the police, officials said. Congress’ member of legislative assembly (MLA) Srinivas Murthy’s nephew was also arrested for sharing the “derogatory” post on Facebook.

Chief minister BS Yediyurappatweeted to condemn the violenceand that he has already ordered action against those taking the law into their hands. Yediyurappa said those who attacked the police, media and the public will not be spared and strict action will be taken. He also appealed for calm.

Yediyurappa appealed to people to maintain peace and said that violence against journalists, police and people was unacceptable.

“The miscreants in the DJ Halli police station has led to the assault and rioting at MLA Akhand Srinivasa’s house and police station. Already, directives have been issued against the perpetrators and the govern

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