Antibodies may not stop transmission in children – Hindustan Times


Some children may have the potential to transmit the coronavirus disease, or Covid-19, even if they have measurable antibodies in their system, said a new study that indicated immune response, by itself, may be inadequate to protect children from the pandemic.

The study, conducted by doctors at the Children’s National Hospital in Washington DC and published in The Journal of Paediatrics on Thursday, analysed 6,369 children tested for Sars-CoV-2, the virus that causes Covid-19, and 215 children who underwent antibody testing between March 13 and June 21. Out of this, 33 showed the presence of both virus and antibodies at the same time.

“With most viruses, when you start to detect antibodies, you won’t detect the virus anymore. But with Covid-19, we’re seeing both,” said Burak Bahar, lead author of the study. “This means children still have the potential to transmit the virus even if antibodies are detected.”

She cautioned that the mode of transmission of a virus, which exists in the presence of antibodies, remained unknown. A clutch of recent studies have indicated that antibodies may last in a patient’s system for between three and six months, although no conclusive evidence has emerged.

The researchers underlined that a lot was still unknown about the disease – especially at a time when many countries have pushed to open primary schools and ki

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